Maple 3D

This 3D project was an assessment piece that fulfilled a requirement for my City & Guilds Diploma course. Quite a challenge!

I made a 3D piece to hang on the glass door between the living room and the great room, throughout the year it will remind me of one of my favorite trees, my Paperbark Maple. I am particularly fond of the translucency of the cinnamon colored bark as light shining through. How to capture that feel and make it reversible...yikes.

Surface treatments include discharged linen/cotton fabric, hand dyed fabric, photostitch embroidery, photo transfer, laminated bark, leaf and pod prints, and patinated and embossed copper. Machine quilting and hand seeding adds texture. The 3D box hangs from a Paperback tree branch, with spiraling copper wire. The sections can be unfolded or neatly placed in the box. The box measures 8" by 10 1/2 " by 1 1/4" when sections are folded. With sections unfolded, the hanging length becomes 40". It can be viewed from either room. I was pleased with the end result although it took as long to complete as many of my wall hangings, I now have a greater appreciate for those working in three dimension.
3D box unfolded with 3 panels
3D box folded
Laminated bark with quilting
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