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The Franklinia or Franklin Tree (purported to be named after Benjamin Franklin) is a rare late summer blooming tree with white saucer like flowers, the large leaves turn a wonderful red and purple in the fall.
This picture is of the one in our yard unfortunately the flowers haven't bloomed for the past two years due to the recent droughts. In April 2003 I attended a Jane Sassaman workshop in Lancaster, PA and choose our tree in bloom to compose a graphical collage quilt. If you have the opportunity, take a workshop with Jane, she is a terrific teacher and her art quilts are even more magnificent up close. This is my graphical interpretation on the Franklinia. I digitized my original appliqué design, the top is completely constructed in the hoop of my D1. Scroll down to see two completed wall quilts. I used various hand dyed and commercial fabrics, various weights of cotton and rayon thread, outline quiltings as well as free-motion. Measures 14 by 14 inches. Click to see close ups of quilting: Close Up 1, Close Up 2.

I made the Franklinia shown below with many of my hand dyed fabrics, geometric theme commercial fabrics, patterned polyester white fabric flowers, with heart shaped metallic cotton centers. I used free motion quilting on the background and outline quilting around all the elements. Measures 19 by 17 inches. Click to see close ups of quilting: Close Up 1.

2nd Franklinia Quilt

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